Street Art and Graffity

Hey Gang!

Whenever we’re on our way to work , on a trip or living abroad we find visual art on the streets, including stickers, posters , tags , murals , etc. We can find a tons of different ways of art outside , so let’s talk about them.

It doesn’t matter how it is called or done talent and creativity are aspects that are valued on both movements-


This is the visual element of hip – hop, based on letters , ilegal missions, revelty . Focused on studying the train stations , running , documenting.
Came up on the late 70’s in NYC , when a bunch of youngsters started painting train wagons illegaly. Since then the movement went to europe , latin-america and spread itself to the whole world and different styles “throw ups” , Taggs , characters, 3D’s have been created .

The scene have writers that are famous and infamous as well as people that document this ephemeral art just like the photographer Martha Cooper . She has documented Graffity since she found those youngsters playing around in the streets of the bronx and drawing their monikers at their black books . From that day on Marty got to know all OG’s of the bronx and hundreds of high performance writers all around the globe for around 40 years until these days.

She not only documents graffity , she includes obviously Street art as well.

The international street art contempo scene has flourished from graffity codes , they have being mixed with fine arts techniques. Street art is not based completly on letters and characters , it includes more than making an image they play on the street utilizing the architecture , for example .

One of the OG’s of street art was Keith Haring who divided from letters and started drawing stickfigures at the train stations.

Bleck le Rat took this further using stencils to paint rats all over paris attacking the cliché of perceiving the city as the art wolrd center when in reality is a place full of rats

Mentioning Bansky at a street art post is not a creative thing to do however he took street art to another level with his low life super secret identity and shocking socio political impact . His imagery contains economical aspects that have shocked the world .

Graffity & Street art benefits society on my opinion by taking some writers that were destroying the city and introducing them to the virtuoso aspects of the tamed & refined classical art.
This has generated many mural festivals that brought artists from around the world to get to know the place where the festival was hold and their community , bringing culture and social impact to them .

This has led to gentrification

A social phenomenon that brings a spurt of developpment at an urban zone that used to be non appeling and creates a huge demand for turism and economics , due to the street art painted at the zone . Wind wood Miami is the biggest example , Tony Goldman completly changed the panorama of the hood and made it a cool place.

This isn’t the only spurt the movement has had ,the street art comtempo galleries scene developped their businesses bringing the street aesthetics to the blank indoor walls , they sell their pieces , merch , pins, prints and more. And last but not least the movement got into the museums too, Urban Nation in Berlin is the first street art museum with Yasha young leading and gaining respect from formal institutions .

There’s more than street art at the streets such as public art and propaganda functioning as a dialog from the state to the citizens. We have more than murals not every wall painted can be called muralism , the mexican muralism movement was another. social- political

So next time we see a painted wall we can appreciate more about the movement and what it means for society .

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