Why i’m always looking for inspiration?

Hey Gang !

Getting to draw and digest the technical knowledge is hard and sometimes we do not feel like , there’s where discipline appears in order to help us after grinding through we need to invoke our peers, inspiration , motivation and creativity . So let’s take a look on how to full those inspirational and creative thanks and developpe an art taste.


We debut by digesting art, going to art shows, museums and start focusing and reflecting on those moments where we have that giggle inside and we see something that we find attractive. Let’s remember that we understand ourselves in relation to others so get to like art because we appreciate the artist or because he or she is from our same country, age, etc. By investigating new art and artists, taking time to get to know their story and career we construct a BIAS that somehow guides part of the route we may want to follow at our own work, we get influenced by it and it shows up on our work.

By studing ourselves, digging in where we come from, into our parent’s history and what has been given us by our familiar and cultural heritage, we get more guidance on what is fully “ourselves” and that’s where we pull our authenthicity from. It’s hard to find our own references and developpe an art taste plus getting to know each other but let’s remember that’s our own voice, that’s precious.

Our teachers, the method we utilize to create as wll as our influences affect our art process since we become a by-product of ‘em

Many times we go to an art show and we see an artwork and it’s just not for us , We don’t have to like everything . There´s just a few artists that we fully like , most artists, we like his/her artwork but we don´t like his/her lifestyle, or we like his career but his not his technique at all and sometimes those artists are trend.

It’s important to pay attention on why We like stuff, if it is just because every-body likes kaws “for example” and he’s mainstream we may hae to take a look and find something more than that.

There is obviously pictures that are way more easy to consume than others, like those extremily sexual manga artworks. We may say they are only noise and have nothing inside. After training hard at the fundamentls for a while we start appreciating some aspects that are important, valueable and personal like some color palletes, some brush strokes, we developpe a taste for technique , which it is great.

Old master are harder to like since they are old fashion, however we can spot one or two that for some reason we like more, it could be because of the hatching they do, because of the topics they recurred to . i´d recomend relate it to something we like already that’s current. We can see as well things they are technically doing that appeal to us and that we steal for our own art making .

Obviously watching, liking and studying a Francois Bouché requires more levels of maturity and are necessary to get although i wouldn’t feeling sorry because we like someone’s artwork that may probaby fucked up. Guilty pleasure might be allowed , i mean at least visually speaking .

We need to spend time with the artwork we like without thinking of study and craft , creativity is pattern recognition , pattern utilization and pattern creation therefore the more we get to observe and study the art that we like we would start seing a recurrent trend. Being littered at image reading is rare nowadays , as artmakers we want to be able to read technique from others and implement it so we can strok viewers even if they can’t tell if you used a crosshatching overall composition with a lost edge focal point.

Our taste will be benefit from engaging with more than painters, like movimakers, music producers, litterature , let’s remember the same shit musically and visually speaking can be translate it, like , i just loved that sound and i want to implement it in my drawing, how? tryng new stuf, getting in lost for a while , re-arrenging, and acknowleadging the fact that we tend to repeat our behaviour and decisions so in oder to thinking out of the box, we need fist , know our box and then… exploration mood , new ways of solving the image based on “i want to express this that i found super cool through drawing” will appear.


Hustling may not help us to be creative, let’s keep that in mind, discipline, hustling and those maturity levels are necessary for building a base to put our creativity in and creativity means playing ourselves.

The creative process it´s personal and everyone updates it after certain time. We can follow the discipline of creating a figurative picture , i mean getting the gesture then structure, a 2 value “block in” , 3 to 4 range value , subbtle middle tones , highlights, details (even varnishing and framing). With this technical process we create something structured, getting your matrix in order , your color comps , your pre-painting . This may be a guidance but many people get way more specific , like they get to hire a model and shoot photo references with em with professional cameras in case they do figurative art.

Let’s say i want to paint a scene with Flies playing dices , i start getting a map of where i am and taking decisions on how am i goin to get to my end result.

we get to create a constant evolving , creative process in order to get our meaning and message at the image . That may include getting into a brain storm , sketching , deciding color palletes,a combination of mark making , calligraphy, what ever it takes to get the picture done using whatever tool we came accross with . The process have to be different in order to draw something we haven´t draw before, creativity is required so we don’t just paint the same thing.

So in order to wrap it up
We need to developpe an art taste by consuming art we like and don´t like
we must pay attention on our feelings and what produce ‘em .
Which and who are our references, inspirations and bias
Technique is just the base in order to play creatively on top of it.
Creativity has different ways to appear at our work

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